Theme Interpretation- YOUTH CONVENTION Day 1 Evening

Pastor Olusola Ogidan

Obadiah 1:15-21

The central focus for the church (Power and Glory Tabernacle) for this year has been “Thy Kingdom Come” and this youth convention is still in the flow of establishing God’s kingdom. From verse 21, it can be deduced that God wants to reign, “and the kingdom shall be the Lord’s”. God is sovereign but today, in reality, His dominion is not exerted in the whole earth. All men have not been saved but God is always looking for the means to put His reign in the entirety of the earth. God is interested in people that can be ambassadors and we are the people that God wants to build and develop so that we can be resources. In time past, men ask that God will use them but a look at the present time we’ll see that our mentality has shifted. Here is the truth, in every generation God still raises people that can be useful for His kingdom. However, you must understand that the scope of God using you is wide; it is beyond being a pastor of a church.

There are times when divine providence makes things work. Truly, there are seasons when things just happen but if we expect that things will always go that way we may become famished. Certain things will not work unless there is a move from us to receive things from God. There are certain things we must begin to push from this time. One of the things we need to put in place is that we must first be saved before we can save others. You cannot be subject to a thing and expect people to be saved from it through you. In this time that we are, there is a pressure for conformity. This pressure is on us because the world wants us to take a mode that is contrary to what the scripture teaches but God still wants to build people that will stand outside this system Romans 12:2. One of the things we must begin to push to our generation is that there is a pressure on us to conform and this we need to withstand.

Additionally, we must begin to know God’s perspective towards holiness (Isaiah 6:1) and also journey with people that understand it. Generally, we define holiness as separation but that is not all about it, it entails sanctification. Sanctifying is not just separation. We must also understand the dimension of our hope. It is in realizing God’s end for us that we can align with His agenda and be of any use Ephesians 1:17-18. As a person, you must be able to know what God is doing generally and also know what He is specifically doing with you. Having an understanding of what God is doing will make us saviours from Mount Zion that will judge the mount of Esau. Being saviours entails instructing people in the laws of the Lord.

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