The wisdom that makes life right in the sight of God

Pastor Seyi Osanyinbi

There are two kinds of Christians in the world today and many in-between. While one set of Christians have their focus on heaven only (and are thus heavenly bound in all that they do), the other set are earthly minded.

According to the wisdom of God, the principles of eternal life as designed by Him have to be followed through even while on earth. Needful to say, that those who are just heavenly bound or earthly bound would never get to find out the mysteries of the revelation of God.

However, as Christians who desire to live out the eternal life of God here on earth, we must seek to be balanced. Thus, we need the wisdom that would make our lives right in the sight of God.

Proverbs 12 : 9; 1 Timothy 5 : 8

We cannot grow up as Christians without any sense of responsibility for ourselves and those whom we are supposed to care for. There is no wisdom in suffering or putting those around us into unnecessary starvation. In the wisdom of God, we should be able to cater for ourselves and our families.

The Bible never warned us against planning, but rather admonishes us to plan for our lives and quit worrying.

Working hard is part of life; we should discipline ourselves to be hard-working. Only those who are hard-working can make headway through in life. If we are going to have a good harvest, then we should not be lazy: we must be ready to sow seeds.

The principle of sowing and reaping is an eternal one (Genesis 8:22). If nothing is sown, nothing will be harvested. We should also learn the act of saving and investing lest we end up with little or nothing.

How are we responding to the challenges and situations of life? What steps are we taking now that can assure us of a better tomorrow? What real life decisions are we making now that can guarantee us of a good harvest in years to come? Anyone who wants a great harvest must plan for it now. It is whatever we plant that our generation will reap.

Malachi 3: 10

When we give our tithes and offerings, God responds to what we sow by giving us ideas, opportunities, resources, and connections as blessings. We must be able to maximize these blessings and make useful conversions.

Christianity gives us the leverage to have the right kind of understanding concerning the right steps to take because of the Spirit of God in us. We should always ask God to show us the way to prosperity.

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