The Warfare of the Kingdom (Those God Enlists)


Minister: Pastor Seyi Osanyinbi

1 SAMUEL 14:52; 22:1-2; 1 CHRONICLES 11:15; 12:1

There is an ongoing battle between darkness and light. As such, each side needs to enlist soldiers into their armies. Interestingly, the manners of approach in conscripting people into each side is remarkably different.

Saul conscripted into his army anybody he saw fit due to their appealing physical frames. David, on the other hand, made an army of very unlikely people who willingly submitted to him.

In spite of their uninteresting backgrounds, David’s men became valiant and mighty men. They were so strong that Saul’s army paled in significance to them.

Jesus’ army will consist of people who willingly submit to Him, giving up their liberties. Such people are sons who will give up their sonship rights to serve the father.

ACTS 16:1-4

Timothy had a good report among the brethren in his locality. His exemplary life endeared him to Paul and he became his companion. Timothy got circumcised at an age when it must have been severely painful. He did this to conform with the ideal in his days.

We must find the commission upon our lives as believers, be committed to it and excel in it. We must not live in ignorance, because ignorance is not an excuse. Our objectives and ambitions for following Jesus should be checked too because they can hinder us from getting enlisted.

2 TIMOTHY 2:20-22

The Church is a big house with many vessels of men and women like us. We need to purge ourselves from impurities if we must be vessels that honour God. It is painful to be a vessel unto dishonour that is used and abandoned. As honourable vessels, we can always be deployed for heaven’s use.

We have been called unto a life of righteousness, faith, charity, peace with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart. These things might seem boring but they are the very essence of our lives. Our lives in Jesus must be full of Divine adventures from time to time.

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