Last week, we considered two of the laws of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus; the law of faith and the law of meditation. Today, we will continue in that light looking at a few other laws or principles that work with the Spirit of life.

First, know that the law is made for man and meant to serve man and not vice versa. There are two vital elements of a man wrapped up in an envelope of dust called human flesh – the soul and the spirit, to make three in all. All three are needed for a functional and effective man. For example, the mind is a vital organ that enables man to serve God. If infirmed, such cannot serve God in any form. The mind of man is incapable of rejecting any meal in any content, be it spiritual or carnal, it takes whatever you feed it with. Hence, it is the responsibility of the man to feed his mind with a spiritual meal so it can align with God’s thoughts. The alignment between the spirit and soul helps man to live an obedient life unto the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus. Note that no man can communicate the gospel without a sound mind. Therefore, expose your mind to useful resources that can build it properly.

Revelation 12:11

The law of the Spirit of life was symbolically represented in the garden of Eden. The trees of life and the knowledge of good and evil were the two laws given to Adam, one to give life and the other death. These two laws were not strange to angels, they are as ancient as angels. The law of sin and death killed Lucifer while the other sustained Michael and the rest of the angels, who laid down their lives to obey God.

Let us consider some laws of the Spirit of Life.

  1. The Law of Love

Matthew 12:29-34 contains the responsibility of all believers. These are vertical and horizontal responsibilities. The first is unto God – that we should love the Lord our God with all our heart, our mind and our strength. A critical assessment of this scripture clearly defines it in three ways; love to God, love for yourself and the need to ascribe the same love measure to your neighbour. This means the same measure of love that we have for ourselves is what we should show our neighbours. In practical terms, it is asking ourselves the question of what we would want anyone to do for us if we were the ones in our neighbour’s shoes.

Mark 12:29-31

How much love you have for God is seen in whom you turn to in time of crisis. Job, in his critical needs, exemplified his love for God even in his pain. In hard times, your love for God is tried and to survive those hard days, the law of the Spirit of life must be engaged in your heart.

Your love for God is also revealed in your love for humanity. This love is to be exhibited by every believer. This kind of love is interpreted as charity. It is another word for agape. It does not translate into carnally exhibited charity in which case you announce your charitable works on media. Rather, it is love that forgives wrong and shares in the burden of fellow brethren. God demonstrated His love to us by giving His son to die for us. It is expected of every believer to reasonably demonstrate a measure of that love of Christ to others.We are to love our neighbours but not limited to that, we are to do good to all men especially those who are of the household of faith. Forgiveness is an aspect of love. A way to fulfil all the law is to love the Lord, one’s self and one’s neighbour (James 2:8).

  1. The Law of Grace

The law of faith, the law of meditation and the law of love are all crowned by the law of grace. Grace is not abstract. We lack what it takes to walk with God because we lack grace. Grace abounds when we exercise ourselves through the word of God. The more of the knowledge of the word of God you have, the more grace will be released unto you (2 Peter 1:2).

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