Understanding the Supernatural

Pastor Bola Bello

There are certain things that we should talk about and find a balance on other to come to the fullness of what God is doing in times and eternity. One of those such things is supernatural life. Though we are naturally supernatural and unnaturally natural.  We however, need to know exactly what the supernatural means so that we don’t run into barbed wire.  The intercept between the natural and the supernatural, is the Cross of Calvary. It is the Calvary that puts an end to a natural man.   The exchange of Jesus life marks the end of a natural man.  Calvary ushers man to the real of  the supernatural. Cross is the end of the natural man (2 Corinthians 5:17).

The “supernatural” does not only come from Christ alone, even mystic power, demonic power  could also operate in that realm.  The talisman, the magician could obtain certain training and deceive people to a world of wonders and supernatural, yes people could see it as “supernatural” but it is not.  The reality is that, there are certain properties in man which could enable him to navigate between the realms of natural and supernatural. The creation of man is such that he can change between being natural and supernatural but it require a specific stature, spiritual training and certain competence.

John 3:5-6.  Man is naturally born of flesh.  His birth is through the conception of his parents.  Therefore, he acts naturally, behave naturally and he is natural man.  Though, he may walk according to moral instruction, that does not made him a spiritual man. 1 Corinthians 2:14. The natural realm is not natural to all the angels.  Only few amongst them  have the capacity and competence to operate in the earthly realm.  An angel was held bound by a Prince until a high ranking one came for his rescue.

One of the basics of the supernatural life is discernment. If we are not able to identify those who perform certain activities that look seemingly supernatural but not, we are not any different from them.  The spiritual has its own laws and if we don’t abide by them, we are lawless. If we don’t learn to discern the activities of flesh, it becomes a condemnation against us, because been discerning is also a supernatural activity.

The beginning of been supernatural is obedience. Jesus was obedient; he died, resurrected and was able to raise men unto God. When we do things that are above and beyond the natural and ordinary, we would have walked supernaturally.  Ephesians 1:3 The medium to being supernatural is through Christ. We as supernatural beings are like a wind been directed by God to do things that we might not even naturally desire to do. We are blessed with Spiritual blessings that require denial and a lot of spiritual exercise to access them. Any supernatural activity that was not instructed is not of God and will definitely lead to destruction.  The appearance of God and his angels is by the manifestation of the word. They are the ones that are responsible for the miracles.  Ephesian 3:10 We must not hurriedly enter into the supernatural realm so that we don’t kill ourselves. Essentially, we must be raised, taught and instructed so that the manifestation would be naturally come to us.

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