The Sustainability of the Priesthood

Pastor (Mrs.) Bola Osanyinbi

It is not only the work of sacrifices that a Priest is expected to do. Other things are included in the work of a Priest also. We have been called into fellowship with God. Moses was chosen to represent God and the People and he did it well for 40 years of his life. The sustenance of our Priesthood is therefore essential and it must not slip out of our hands.

1 Peter 2:9; Matthew 16:18

The Lord is concerned about everything that pertains to us as Priests. Sustainability is upholding what you have and not allowing it to fall or slip away.

Peter was a man that had interest, faith and confidence in the Lord Jesus Christ. He loved God. Although, the sustainability Peter was guaranteed with the presence of Jesus that became unsustainable when Jesus left. There are various faults that can cause insufficiency in sustainability; temptation, impatience, sin etc. Peter was almost carried away when he faced challenges.

The sustainability of your Priesthood depends on our God. When your heart is right with the Lord, He will always be around to rescue you. The Church is not the building. Every believer makes the Church. The grace of the Lord is always available to keep us going. As Priests, we should be aware that we have the Presence of God with us always and we belong to the Church of God.

Ephesians 2:19-2; Ephesians 5:23; Hebrews 4:14-16

We are related in the things of God and the Spirit. We all a are part of the body the Lord Jesus Christ is building. Christ is the Head of the Church, and we are the members of the Church that Christ is building. Every Priest is built upon this foundation. This foundation refers to the doctrines, teachings and ruler-ship of Christ.

The text from Hebrews tells us: “Seeing that we have a great High Priest…”. This means that this fact is one that we must “see”, “know” and “continue” to remind ourselves of. Christ is our High Priest. We need to keep walking in what we have received from the Lord. Christ was tempted too; the more reason He is concerned about our infirmities (weaknesses). There is always a time of need in everyone’s life. At such points, we need to come boldly to Christ for help. One of the things that sustains a Priest is the Grace of God. Our strength as Priests is required in being able to come boldly to the throne of Grace and obtain mercy.

Colossians 1:23-27

It is important and essential to continue in the faith which we have received from the Lord; to be grounded in the faith and understanding what the Lord has given us and be established in God and not be drawn away from the Lord. There is a hope set before us as Priests and we must not deviate from that hope. Our testimonies must rest in that hope. The faith in the Gospel that we have heard is our sustenance.

Continuity in prayer sustains us as we need to keep striving, laboring, walking and maintaining our relationship with the Lord.

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