John 4:6; Revelation 7:17;

The key to drinking of the living water is being born again- Salvation.

As believers, many of us still struggle with submitting to the Lord’s will and this ought not to be so, as we are not of a people that their hearts cannot yield to the Lord. Whenever the Lord tells us to release anything of ours to him, we must not be found struggling.

At a certain point in scriptures, Jesus was thirsty and desired of a certain Samaritan woman to give him water to drink. Jesus promised the woman to give her from a well that is eternal and not a manmade well, from a well that is superior to Jacob’s well. Jesus is the source of this living waters, in fact, he, himself is the embodiment of this living waters.

The living water Jesus was taking about symbolizes the Holy Spirit. Jesus told of how drinking of it would  bring an everlasting satisfaction to her soul, a satisfaction that in fact has no expiration date. This living water is one that cannot go dry, it is inexhaustible.

This living water ushers us into eternal life. It quickens and brings life. It is a water that will also purify us.

Hebrews 10:22;

As much as we are born again, we must still also draw near with true hearts, with liberty in our hearts and assurance of faith in order to have our conscience sprinkled with the water of life.

The living water (the holy spirit) helps us to form a better relationship with the Lord and also with fellow men. The living water is what sustains us, giving us a never ending life.

However, our sins is one thing that could hinder the effect of this water in our lives.

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