Pastor Seyi Osanyinbi

The church system we are presently running is not synonymous to the kingdom. If we do not appreciate what God is doing, we might work against His intention. When the leaders get it wrong, every follower will follow the wrong intentions of their leaders. Though Paul wrote to address situations in each of the churches, the gospel he preached remained “The Kingdom”.

Acts 1:1-3 – Jesus preached nothing but things pertaining to the kingdom and His Apostles did the same. Therefore, we need to pay attention to things pertaining to the kingdom.

Genesis 1:26 – The word “Image” is similar to the word “Glory”.  When man was created in God’s image, he became a carrier of His glory. The glory he carried enabled him to exercise dominion. When he died, he lost glory. In the fall of man, he did not lose ‘the likeness’, he lost ‘the image’ and which Christ came to restore. When God made man and put him on earth, He placed man here to represent His interest on earth.

Daniel 1: 1-5 – When your language have been taken, you have been altered. As Daniel learnt the language of the Chaldeans, he kept learning the language of Zion – He stayed focus. The Devil’s approach is to make Christians’ thought natural. When a man thinks like a natural man, he remains natural forever. The concept of colonization is to make the practice of a place generally accepted. The Hebrew men succeeded because they never surrendered the sovereignty of their lives to Nebuchadnezzar.

When God placed man on earth, earth became the colony of Heaven. Heaven did not depend on earth for sustenance but the earth depended on heaven for sustenance. The proclamation of Jesus as the son of man is to claim He has a business here on earth. The central goal of Jesus is to bring God’s kingdom back to bear on earth. Every agenda against this intention is against God’s will. Jesus came to restore the relationship between God and humanity.

The Holy Ghost is the governor that has been sent to colonize the earth. The Holy Ghost is teaching us so that we can conform and behave like those in heaven. His primary job is to restore man to the image of God. The church is not the kingdom but the subset of the kingdom. The church is an expression of God’s kingdom on earth.

Matthew 28:19-20 – God commanded us about His will. Therefore, the Christian mandate is to teach others the will of God. Only a man that has been colonized can colonize another. The Apostles were admonished to wait till they are filled with the Holy Ghost. He was not just a mere anointing but He was sent to colonize the mind of the Apostles.

The purpose of a parable is not to reveal the truth but to conceal the truth. When you see and understand, God is compelled to heal you.  There are mysteries that can only be understood by the context of the kingdom. We are God’s means of establishing God’s kingdom on earth and until we wait to learn and know God’s will, we will act contrary to His agenda. We must be able to decode and understand His intention. The Holy Spirit is who we need to decode the mysteries of God. The Holy Spirit is not our servant but He is our Lord. We did not employ Him but He employed us.

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