The Devil is confused about you.


The devil is not all knowing, he is confused about you. As a child of God, the devil has no idea about who you are.

Genesis 3:1-15

From the beginning, the devil fell from Grace and he was aware that if a man rebel against God something happens to man; that is man falls. There were certain things the devil did not know, for example; he didn’t know that there was an opportunity for man to come into repentance.

What gave birth to man, is not the same thing as what gave birth to Satan; he didn’t know that God had a plan. The devil was a spirit and he hadn’t seen any man fall before now, so his strategy to destroy man failed. There are certain things that are hidden from knowledge (an example is the resurrection of man). The bible is littered with the miscalculations of Satan. Concerning your life, God is million steps ahead as long as you are a child of God.

The devil is ready to follow anyone down to any length just to have them destroyed but the truth is; we will always win; because the devil will miscalculate. Nobody has the right to tell you what your destiny is; You have a future and that future is God. The devil lost it a long time ago.

Don’t be discouraged, keep confessing and believing God’s word for your life. Don’t allow things on earth to determine how you live, you need to know your worth in the sight of God. Stand your ground and know that over your life the devil has miscalculated.

When you leave the location God has called you, you open yourself to attack from the enemy. God is miles ahead of the devil over your life. Understand redemption and confront the devil over your life. You need to begin to impose the kingdom over your
life and family.

Don’t allow the devil push you out of your inheritance, he knows his future already but you don’t know yours neither does the devil but we know that when we see Him we shall be like. Your aim as a child of God shouldn’t be to survive but to thrive. In the midst of thriving it might not be rosy but we will conquer every challenge.

Don’t cut corners lest you be cut short of God’s glory. The body of Christ is more real than your place of work and should be treated in a much better way. The body of Christ is where life streams from. As long as you are born again the devil doesn’t not know what can come out of your life. Live a life that pleases God.

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