Pastor Dele Olubi

Leviticus 10:1-11, John 17:20, Galatians 5:22-23, Acts 24:25, 2 Corinthians 5:9-13

There are do’s and don’ts in the tabernacle and there’s a way God does His things. The things of God cannot be run anyhow,  because there are precepts. There are written laws, and as an individual, you need to know the mind of God.

There are certain things for relationship purposes God will take very serious. God was particular about alcohol, and that the people bearing the holy things in the old testament shouldn’t take so that their judgements won’t be compromised.

In the context of Christian lives today, there are restrictions. In these days, its not about the rules but it translates into self control for us believers. Not having self control can affect your sense of judgement, and you can lose your life.

As there are new testament realities, there are also new testament responsibilities. The greek word for self-control translates into the ability to withhold/control. It is not self discipline or determination, it is a gift of the Holy Spirit. Self control affects both legitimate things and illegitimate things.

There’s a place where you can stand where nothing has power over you except God. As believers, God does not allow that anything over powers us. Even God does things to leave himself committed to certain things; the more reason why we need to understand that we cannot run our lives anyhow.

Self control is a fruit of the spirit and manifest with or without anyone noticing. There are restrictions God can place upon us and we are supposed to pay attention to them.

A sound mind is needed to be able to divide what is right from what is wrong.

There’s a position God wants us to take. A position where our sense of judgement is not corrupted. It is one of the graces we enjoy in Christ Jesus that we can hold back. The love of Christ helps us to know exactly how to behave and relate with people.

The first of the fruit of the spirit is Love. In love, every other things find themselves. We must learn that we are going on assignment for God and have a lifestyle that attracts sinners. We can come to a point where everything about your life maintains a balance in terms of character.

We need our lives to be moderated.

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