Relating with your inner man


Men have a lot of problems, the problem men have is that we have refused to understand who we are and our complexity. There are two compartments of man: The outer man and the inner man. Man, after the fall of Adam subconsciously began relating with the outer man.

Man has become very comfortable and relates so well with the outer man neglecting the inner man.

JOHN 12:23-25

Man is an inner man. It is important to take to cognizance that man is an inner man. You cannot save your life through your love for it.

The resurrection of Christ has brought everyone unto Glory. We have been glorified but in the context of that Glory, there are certain responsibilities, abilities and capacities unto the laurel of man. Man cannot come unto that laurel until the veil is torn. behind the veil, lies a dynamic and resilient entity which is the inner man. Flesh is a limitation. Flesh has continually become hindrances and obstacle.

At the death of Jesus, more men were drawn to Christ and the glorification started. The issue we have today in the church is that we don’t see such things as glorification. The only thing that is required of man is for the crucifixion of the flesh. We shouldn’t not allow flesh to dictate to us. Flesh hath consistently become an obstacle in obtaining God’s glory, therefore it is important as Christians to deal with flesh, lest we been driven by the flesh and remain subject to its deeds.

Man is entirely veiled by the image of flesh which makes man vain. Flesh is a weight. Until your operation transcends the outer man, you will remain stagnant. In prayer life, services to God etc. We pay too much attention to the outer man. you should begin to pay attention to the inner man

2 CORINTHIANS 4:11; 16-18; EPHESIANS 3:16-18

The issue we have is that we don’t even know what the life of Jesus is. Jesus represented God. God cannot manifest in flesh, but he can manifest himself in flesh when the flesh gives way.

The renewal of inward man cannot take place until the outer man is completely put to dead. It’s not a day’s work. It is a gradual shedding of weight. The real glorification is when the inner man is resurrected. We must come in the place of complete and total surrender.

Becoming a martyr for Christ begins from little things we attend to. The Glory is about influence and how many lives that you have impacted. The influence of God upon men is his Glory. If you don’t have that Christ influence upon men, then you have not come into glory. Fullness of God comes after you have dealt with the flesh.

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