Prosperity In The Light Of Endtime Prophecy (Vi)


The Antichrist is going to create a system that will make it absolutely impossible for anyone to buy and sell without getting his mark. It is going to be an economic siege. The world, as it is, is run by money. No entity is placed at par with God apart from Mammon. Mammon is the demon of money and it is one spirit that that can take the place of God in a man’s heart. You can’t be a lover of money and survive the trouble that is coming upon the earth. In as much as money is necessary, we must not be bound by it in any form.


We must be very careful to position our affections right. It takes conscious efforts to set our affections on Divine things. The fact that you have money is not a proof that you are blessed or God authenticates you. A man’s physical condition is not an indicator of his blessedness. You are only truly blessed when God is with you.

PSALM 73:1-19

There is profit in making sure that your hands are clean. It often looks like it is foolish to do righteousness but it pays to go that way. We do not have to envy wicked people though they are seemingly prosperous. Their prosperity can be alluring but their end is nothing to look forward to.


Opportunities abound everywhere though they can be hard to discern most times. Opportunities are often dressed in the cloak of trouble. Prosperity is a function of time and chance (opportunities). Opportunities come disguised. God created opportunities for Joseph, Daniel and the Three Hebrews and they were lifted. When God wants to lift His people, He creates problems whose solutions are customized for them.


Most of the things we learn in school were passed down by the princes of this age. The Bible says the wisdom they propagate is coming to nothing. That wisdom is captivating; it looks like light but it is full of darkness. We need access to God’s wisdom if we must confront the wisdom of this age. To shut down that wisdom of this age, we need to connect with a superior source, which is God. In order to prosper in the difficult times ahead, we must always embrace problems. We must come to terms with the fact that we are created to solve problems. The purpose of the Church is to equip us with sight so that we can see impossible things.

NUMBERS 6:22-27; MALACHI 3:8-12

Tithes and offerings are part of God’s ways of blessing us. When we pay our tithe, God opens the doors of heaven and pours out his blessing. God does not necessarily give us money in return for our tithe. He can bless us with ideas, connections and opportunities in return for our tithes and offerings. Many people have lost their blessings because they have a stereotyped expectation of their harvest. We have to be discerning enough when it is time for harvest. We must be patient enough to hatch the ideas God gives us. God builds us gradually not suddenly. He takes us through trainings and pruning until we are able to handle big things.

LUKE 16:12; II TIMOTHY 1:7

We need faithfulness and enterprise for prosperity. We must stop covering our laziness with Christianity and spirituality. We must always put our God-given imagination to bear. Fear often bogs us down and prevents us from implementing the ideas God has given us. We must defy fear and put our God-given strengths to work. God has given us well-balanced minds and we cannot afford to produce inferior results.

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