Prosperity In The Light Of Endtime Prophecy (V)

Prosperity In The Light Of Endtime Prophecy (V)


PROVERBS 28:8-20

If we don’t settle the issue of money and how it is handled, every other thing can fall out of order.Our attitude towards finance will determine a lot about our right standing with God.


Our inability to know where God has set a place of refuge will put us into great trouble. In times of trouble, there are always places of refuge. We must always be able to locate our cities of refuge during the times that are coming upon us. The Church in Philadelphia was preserved from the hour of temptation because of their obedience to God.


A man can be prosperous when God causes men to give to him. Jehoshaphat became very rich because God caused people to give to him. However, he lost track of God when he became prosperous because he joined forces with Ahab. We must deal with our souls before we become wealthy and famous so that we can be preserved.

ISAIAH 60:1-6

Darkness is confusion. When there is darkness all over the place, it is a huge opportunity for God’s people to arise and shine. We are expected to bring solution when there is confusion. This is a way to wealth according to God’s word. When God begins to cause us to rise and we get wealthy, we have to be careful of the love of money. We must understand that the money God gives is not to be consumed upon our lust. The Israelites thought the gold that God gave them in Egypt was for their consumption. They did not pay attention to the fact that God wanted them to use the gold to build a tabernacle for Him.


Against what the world preaches, we get rich by being generous. The world system believes we get reach by accumulating. God makes the rich and the poor. He expects the rich to take care of the poor. Knowing that whoever gives to the poor lends to the Lord and that God does not owe any man, we understand that giving to the poor is not an exercise in futility. God is looking for people He can entrust with riches so that they can take care of the poor.

PROVERBS 24:3; PSALM 78:70-72

Skillful and godly wisdom is required to build a house, a life, a home, a family, etc. David was such an example of a dexterous administrator. By understanding, a house is established on a sound and good foundation. By knowledge, its chambers (every compartment) will be filled with all precious and pleasant riches.

JOB 1:6-11; 2:2-6

Satan obtained permission to deal with Job, and a wave of economic calamities hit Job. However, his reaction shows us that his life was not defined by wealth. His integrity defined him. Satan’s strategies have not changed, he will always make us suffer lack and deprivation but we have to hold on to our integrity. Integrity is not a guarantee that the Devil will not attack us. We must always remember that God wins ultimately though it may seem he is losing initially.

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