Prosperity In The Light Of Endtime Prophecy (Iv)

Prosperity In The Light Of Endtime Prophecy (Iv)


There is a warfare that we are coming into that will catch many believers unawares. The warfare would be economic in nature. We need to learn how to take the word of God from the Church and apply it to every compartment of our lives. Every aspect of our lives should be ruled by God’s word, including our finances.

The popular prosperity message in the Church has raised many believers greedy for gain. The message is all about having a lot of money because ‘money answers all things’. That message is not altogether wrong but we must know that money has limitations. If prosperity was all about having money, then Joseph could not be said to be prosperous in servitude in Potiphar’s house and as a prisoner. However, the Bible says he was prosperous because God was with him (Genesis 39:2).

The Spirit of Money (Mammon) is so strong that the Scripture puts it on the same pedestal with God. Nothing draws man away from God like Mammon. In the end times, money will make a lot of people turn away from God. We have to brace up to the challenges ahead so that we can remain standing for God.


We need to have the mindset of being in the world without being of the world. When the Kingdom of Heaven superimposes over the kingdom of this world, the supernatural happens. Every kingdom has a king. Every kingdom has a financial system. As heaven’s citizens we must come to terms with the superimposition of Divine economy over the ethereal economy.

Joseph did not become the Prime Minister of Egypt immediately he landed there because the time had not yet come. Men have problems; they are ensnared because they don’t know their times.The Holy Spirit has been made available to lead us in the right direction at every point in time. God has made time and chance for us as a means of intervention.


The Sons of Issachar understood the times. They were not warriors but Israel could not go to war without their counsel. Like the Sons of Issachar, God wants the Church to be a prophetic people knowing God’s mind at every point in time.

GENESIS 30:25-43

Laban recognized that his enormous wealth was traceable to the presence of Jacob with him. As God’s children, we are His arks of covenant. Our presence should naturally make people blessed. Jacob seemingly short changed himself when he told Laban what he wanted as wages. However, God gave Jacob the technology for enrichment.

None of us can succeed by our mental capacity. We can only succeed by Divine revelation. God still shows people the way to go today.

I SAMUEL 17:25

One of the best ways by which God blesses His children is by creating problems that nobody can solve apart from His children. David took down the apparently impossible Goliath and he became King. Joseph interpreted Pharaoh’s dream and he became the Prime Minister as an alien. His ability to interprete dreams made him Prime Minister but the administrative capacities he acquired as a house boy and a slave helped in sustaining him in that position. Daniel and co. did exploits in captivity and they were highly elevated.

Extraordinary sacrifices trigger Divine reactions. Solomon killed 1000 cattle in a day and God had to appear to him in the night to bless him. If we don’t have questions for God, we may not get responses from Him. We should be a people always wanting to know what God is up to. He is always ready to answer us.


Incessant good works can bring about blessings. Sowing in season and out of season ensures that we definitely reap. We should know that hard work, knowledge, revelation, extraordinary sacrifices and tireless good works are pathways to blessings. Real wealth does not come by buying and selling, it comes by cutting covenants with spirits; either demon spirits or the Holy Spirit.

Jesus had the options of gaining relevance by bowing down to the Devil or by going to the Cross. He chose the seemingly more difficult option of going to the Cross. We all will always be faced with the same dilemma. There are various principles in Scripture that seem paradoxical. However, we must always rely on the Holy Spirit to know the way to go at every point in time.

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