If we must escape the imminent economic crash in these end times as believers, there has got to be a paradigm shift in our value system. There will have to be drastic adjustment in our lifestyles. Entrepreneurs don’t create wealth; it takes banks to create wealth. However, the wealth is virtual and fictitious. The whole economic system of the world is founded on lies. We run a debt-based economy which runs the risk of a great crash. It is important for us believers to understand economics because the battle of the end times will be on the economic front. The economy will be the bait for many people to take the mark of the beast as nobody will be able to buy and sell without the mark.


There are three kinds of judgement in the Book of Revelation: The Seal Judgements, the Trumpet Judgements and the Vial Judgements. There are Seven Seals, Seven Trumpets and Seven Vials. You cannot be given the right to judge in an area until you have prevailed in that area. Authority is only conferred on you in the area in which you have prevailed. Jesus prevailed and that is why He can bear rule over the nations. Every trouble that is brewing is designed to weaken the saints so that they will carry no weight in the world to come, so that they can deny the faith.


The Seven Horses had a variety of agenda. The three kinds of judgement seem basically the same. One kind of judgement just seems to highlight a specific aspect of judgement. Many saints will be killed for their testimonies. The question is: “Would you be able to stand for Jesus if you have to die for your testimony?”


Some saints will survive the hard times of the end time. During the hard times of Israel, people like Jeremiah and Daniel survived because they were marked by God. There are many stories about people being implanted with microchips signifying the mark of the beast. However, many people do not pay attention to the controlling influence of the Prince of the Power of the Air which marks their souls with the mark of the beast. We can only be sealed of God after we have been tested and proven to be true. The end time battle will require of us all that we have ever learnt. We have to always be prepared to fight one more round. In order to survive these hard times, we need long-suffering. We need to follow God with a resolute hearts. The end times will not be run by silver and gold, it will be run by the Holy Ghost. We will need money but we will not be run by money. We will use money but we will not be used by it.

ISAIAH 60:1-5

The glory that will attract the gentiles is the Glory of God. It has nothing to do with money. When the gentiles see real glory they will come to our rising and then we can easily preach them the gospel convincingly. Darkness is sure to cover the earth. Gross darkness would have to come. As such, we have to know our God so much that His glory will rise upon us. Then, we can be a people that gentiles come to for solution.

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