GENESIS 4:9-17

All the resources that man needs for survival are embedded in the earth. After Cain killed his brother Abel God cursed the earth for his sake. Previously in Eden, God had cursed the ground when Adam fell. God did not make the mistake of cursing Adam. The earth began to produce thorns and thistles because of the fall of the First Adam. The Second Adam, Jesus Christ was crowned with thorns to save the fallen man. Every wealth-making scheme is linked to the earth which serves as some sort of womb. The curse God placed on the earth led to scarcity which in turn led to the rat race (struggle for survival). Almost every one of our pursuits is about having a fair share of the economy. The economy controls all that we do. Every trade comes by inspiration. Whoever runs the economy controls the destiny of men. As such, God as well as the Devil is interested in how the economy goes. Since the economy is so critical to human existence, it goes without saying that there will be serious battles for believers to fight on the economic front.


Abraham got so much material wealth from Pharaoh on the account of his ‘sister’ Sarah. Although there was so much famine on the whole earth, Egypt thrived because of the availability of River Nile for irrigation. Abraham could have squandered what he got from Pharaoh but he had enough economic common sense to multiply wealth. Hard work is necessary for harvest. Between seedtime and harvest is hard work. Abraham understood the economy in his days and he prospered. By the strength of covenant God initiates prosperity and downloads wisdom. By hard work we expand those things and prosper thereby.


Isaac sowed during famine and he got 100% yield because he accessed a blessing that was not available to all. We need to know what to do in the days of famine. Isaac did so well in the time of famine that he became richer than the whole nation of Philistia. Wherever he was pushed he blossomed.

GENESIS 29; 30; 31

What we call the birthright is the covenant right. Jacob was shown a dream that made him so stupendously rich that he could raise twelve patriarchs. When a man is in covenant even those that have ideas will come and submit to him.

GENESIS 37; 38; 39

Joseph prospered everywhere he went. Prosperity is not all about having resources. It is about being in God’s company. Joseph was a slave in Potiphar’s house but Potiphar was blessed on his account. He even prospered in prison. If Joseph was said to have prospered in servitude and in prison then we should check our definition of prosperity. There is nothing that happens to us that catches God unaware. God was in the background orchestrating everything happening to Joseph. Prosperity is not by human resources it is by spirit resources. Every prosperous man knows how to interact with spirits. When problems hit the earth, it is time for those that know their God to do exploit. The Men of Issachar knew where Israel should turn at every point in time. We need to be such men to stay afloat in these troubled times.

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