The Power of the Kingdom

Preacher: Dcn Michael Oladejo

2 Timothy 2:1

As members of the Kingdom, it is important that we express its power. Jesus is the power of God and when we accepted Him, we got into power; we only need to express what we already have.

In the education system, you have to be taught and licensed before you can practice your profession. In the same vein, you are being taught and will have to be licensed by God to express His power. This is the difference, you must have been licensed and out of school to practice your profession but you express God’s power as you are being taught. You never stop learning as the teacher (Holy Spirit) is always present with you.

One of the reasons many may not be able to express the power of the Kingdom is their inability to patiently take the test that will be set before them. Even Jesus was tested and He did not fail. One of the tests that cannot but come our way is the test of appetite. If we will express the power of the Kingdom, there is a need for us to deny ourselves of even legitimate pleasures.

There is a possibility of pride as the result of a man’s expression of power. On the contrary, that we are carriers of power makes us more subject to the King. Unless we act as instructed by the king, our efforts in expressing the power will lead to disgrace. We get instructed through prayers and we must understand that prayer does not rule out the need for process. To fully express the power of the Kingdom, we must not cut out the place of process and prayer. We must have a desire to come to God with the mind of being instructed.

There are many reasons for which many do not yet express the power of the Kingdom. One is that many desire the expression for fame. If our desire is fame, we may end up being disgraced. Another reason is that many are not ready to serve. If God sees pride in you, he will not allow the expression of the power until you learn humility and service.

The expression of the power of the kingdom requires us passing through a process. When we faithfully follow due process, we will last.

We are in the school of the Spirit and we are as well practitioners. We have to remain engaged with the process for greater fruitfulness. We need to learn how to handle the power of God in all humility.


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