One strategic way to win a war is to have accurate knowledge of the enemy that you are fighting, taking cognizance of its strengths and its ways. When we are not aware of the way our enemy operates, we would easily become victimized by it. This is why we need to know how sin (as our enemy) operates, so we can fight successfully.

Genesis 3 : 8 - 10

Sin is not just the enemy of man; sin can also be said to be the arch enemy of God. And it is the most-potent and the strongest enemy of man. Sin is not a person though it has the manifestation and the characteristics of a person. The whole purpose of sin, apart from causing a separation between man and God, also intends to make itself a god unto man so that man will give it worship and service.

From the bible, we understand that Man was not the first creation of God, but the last of God’s creation. But of all that God created,  man is who God loves the most (Psalm 8: 4- 8). God doesn’t have so much interest in angels as much as He does for man. God has so much affinity for man that there was a unity between God and man from the beginning. Sin was what alienated  man from God (Colossians 1: 21). There could not have been a need for reconciliation if there was no fellowship before. It was sin that caused the separation between God and man.

When Man fell, the entire creation became an enemy of man. Forces beyond his control were unleashed that  man lost control of creation. Man didn’t initially need to pray because ALL things were given to him, but when Sin came, man lost access to the good things that God had put within the creation to support him such that he needed to pray before getting them.

Ezekiel 28:14-15

Lucifer was described to be perfect when he was created (verse 15), but since was found in him which turned him into the devil. So we can see that Satan was not the sin. Right from the beginning, sin was a separate entity from Lucifer. Sin was not even known amongst the angels. Sin only found a way to express itself in the life of Lucifer. Sin is a spirit and also its own nature which it imparts on its victims. The art of sinning is the manifestation of the presence of sin.

Genesis 4 : 6 - 7

God was not angry with what Cain brought but He became angry because of what was found in him. The nature and characteristics of sin was what was found in Cain. Sin always looks for ways to rule over man, to control man and make man do its bidding. If Lucifer could be overcome by sin, then sin is stronger than him. We don’t have the strength, capacity, wisdom and technology to overcome sin. Hence the reason why we need a saviour that is stronger than it. On the cross,  we learn that sin was overthrown and destroyed by Christ. Jesus Christ is the anointed messiah who came that the whole world might be saved from sin. Being saved is therefore conditional on receiving Jesus Christ. Any man who has not received the one who overcame sin is still a sinner.

Proverbs 14:34; Genesis 3:10

Sin is a nature that has its own characteristics for expressions as acts. When we break the law of God, we become ashamed. Sin is a reproach to any man because it brings shame. When shame and reproach comes, they make us hide from the presence of God. The essence of sin is to bring separation between man and God and make man unaccepted before God. Sin may come through any medium, so we should consciously take deliberate steps to shut down the thoughts of sin. The thoughts of sin are not cast down by revelation; they are cast down by confessions. Though sin is strong, we have the capacity to rule over it. May the Lord give us great grace to overcome sin and not permit it to dwell or live inside of us anymore.

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