Message 1- YOUTH CONVENTION Day 1 Evening

Pastor Ayo Jeje

If we will profit from the word of God, we need to come to hear the word with an open heart. One of the dangers perceived in the church today is that satan deliberately affects our reception of the word. Therefore, one way to take hold of satan is to know his devices. We must identify his device for us to escape and one of his devices is that he makes not receptive. This limits us and allows satan to take advantage of us. I Corinthians 14: 6 – Anyone called of God into any of the ministry gifts is basically a preacher and the Spirit works through them to achieve His purpose of edification. Few instruments are mentioned in this verse; someone can bring the preaching of knowledge and another can come with revelation. It can also be that the way of edification at that time is by prophesying (fore-telling and fort-telling) and it can also be by doctrines, which are the basic foundational truths of the kingdom. It is important to note that none of these is superior to the other. Every time preaching becomes fancy, be careful because satan is at work. Our sight has a way of affecting our reception to God’s word.

Obadiah 1:20 – 21

The word saviours also mean deliverers. God created the earth and handed it over to man. In so doing, He gave man the right/authority over the earth with the intention of extending His ruler-ship to the earth. He also empowered man to be in charge by blessing him. When man came here, his major business was not soul winning but to bring the earth to the shape that God wants to see. His first assignment was to be here and work the earth (tend it) so God empowered him to have dominion on earth Genesis 1:28. Man is the only creature of God that has fear in him, even angels don’t have. The earth, nature and its composition is not an aberration. Being in the flesh (being human) is not a mistake but a divine arrangement. Human vulnerability is intentional; God made it that way so that the only way man will be able to find cover will be in Him. God made us humans because He wanted us to be dependent on Him. When Adam fell, he thought he needed a cover because there are a lot of things he can see in God but cannot see in himself. The more you see yourself, the more trouble you see.  In the beginning, the intimacy of man with God was his glory and this intimacy became man’s natural habitat.

Hearing is not only in voice, but it can also be in gesticulation. Adam heard God’s voice even before God spoke. Genesis 3:8-9, God was walking not talking. God is more relational than every other thing. If all other things happen asides this (relationship with God) then we cannot bring to earth expression of the kingdom.

For you to know good from evil, you have to see from God’s lens. That dimension is God’s prerogative. When you arrive at your own sense of judgment you cut yourself away from God. The most tempting part is when the devil comes from a dimension that adds values to self. The highest form of sin is unbelief. The negotiation of the devil before the fall was for man to have self-worth so the devil came from the angle of knowledge. Till today, knowledge still tempts us. The sign of a rebellious life is that it is independent. The only thing that man owns is the capacity to make his own decision, which is why the first experience in the kingdom will be to hand over that will to God.

Man was expected to have dominion but there was an interruption which is sin. The intention of God is that the earth be dominated by His will. But by the reason of the fall of man, man arrived at his own will. Our will became dominant and that is where the problem is. Man’s intention, just like from the tower of Babel is having a self-determined world not committed to obedience in God and that is the main reason why the kingdom must be recovered. God’s plan for recovery of the earth was for the God-head to also become man himself (John 1:14). The son is an extension of the Elohim and that is the realm God intended to take man to. The word had to become flesh so we can understand son-ship. What God intends to teach is that vulnerability is legitimate, that is why your survival is dependent on your allegiance to God.

It is sons that will introduce the kingdom (Romans 8:19). Sons are those not born of the will of man. The advent of the kingdom is the advent of sons because the sons are the custodians of the kingdom. Divinity wants to be visible on the earth, dwelling among us. The father wants to be visible on the earth and the way sons work is what makes the father real. The real volume of your book ought to be unnoticed. Jesus lived 30 years unnoticed and lived only 3 years noticed. Another testament of the one who became the son is that he was incapacitated, he had no personal interest (John 5: 19, 30). The stature of sons is in that they do not know what to do in themselves. The four gospels were just a testament of Jesus’ regular life, not experiences at his crusades. Doing God’s will ought to be our natural life.  The will of the father is what makes the son.

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