Integrity and Hardwork

Pst. Mrs. Bola Osanyinbi

If we are not faithful in our lives we will achieve nothing, and we must carry out our duties welI. Integrity means to be upright, reliable, and truthful. It speaks of character, and living a life worthy of emulation.

Daniel 1:8

Purposefulness is very important. We must make up our minds to live as God requires. It takes the fear of the Lord to live a life of integrity.

Genesis 39:7-10

Joseph refused the suggestions of his Master’s wife. She kept coming to him day after day, but he would not sin against God by sleeping with her.

Nehemiah is another example of a person who lived a life of integrity.

He refused to listen to the counsel of Sanballat and Tobias. It was also recorded of Noah that he was an upright man.

As kings and priests, not everything is befitting for us. People are watching us. We have to be faithful, honest, and upright.

2 Corinthians 7:2

Paul, speaking in the above text, said they wronged no man, they had corrupted no man, nor had they cheated anyone.

The Recabites yielded to the warnings of the prophets and the instructions of their father, and they were commended and blessed for it. We need the help of God not to deny instructions. We need Grace to also do what we are told on time. Complacency is a big problem among many Christians today. A person of integrity is not covetous.

As kings and priests, we also have work to do. We must know that hard work doesn’t kill.

Romans 12:11-12; 2 Timothy 2:15

We cannot afford to be careless or slothful. We must be studious and diligent, in order to rightly divide the Word of truth. Without the grace of God, we can’t do anything.

2 Peter 1:5-7; Philippians 4:8,13

Please know that at your leisure time, it is good to invest in yourself and when you find some things difficult, seek God’s help. To serve the Lord is hard work. Paul always took time to mention those who had laboured with him.

This is the way it should be; You should always be remembered for good when you have moved on from a place.

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