An Ingredient for Effective Prayers

Pastor Dele Olubi

Matthew 7:7

The Bible was not written because there was nothing more to write therefore attention must be paid to how it has been written and arranged when reading scriptures. The seventh chapter of Matthew starts with Jesus’ teaching on not judging a neighbour and moved to not throwing precious pearl before pigs and finally talks about making requests to God. A close look at the arrangement of this teaching as documented by Matthew will bring us to the conclusion that our relationship with others influences our prayer to God.

Relating to God in prayer is a deliberate act. God will not release valuable things to those who do not ask or those who ask and are not serious about receiving. A man who does not approach God with a level of determination will never receive anything valuable from Him. Asking which can be related to a simple act of prayer may not be enough, but in showing how deliberate you are about receiving your request, you may also need to seek and knock (Luke 11: 5 - 8). This year, you should set your heart to see that there is nothing like an ‘unanswered prayer’.

Sin is an impediment to prayer but it is not all of it. A look at the text shows a right relationship with others around you an ingredient required for your effectiveness in prayer. Something connects your relationship with your brother to your act of praying.   Therefore, when you pray and do not receive answers, it could be as a result of how you have treated your brethren (Matthew 7: 1 – 7, Luke 6: 37 – 42, Luke 11: 5 -9, James 4: 1 – 11). You cannot keep judging and slandering others and expect to be on the same page with God. When you speak evil against your brother, cheat others or judge without mercy, you should not expect to receive answers from God. Always try to take out time to investigate through a matter before passing out judgment over anyone.

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