Hopelessness means being situation where you have been boxed into a corner and there’s no way out for the person. Hopelessness is a situation where one is incapable of seeing any solution or way of redemption.

Exodus 14:1-11

From the story of Israel, we see a classic example of what hopelessness looks like. From the story of their pilgrimage, God led them through a path that led them into a trap; the Red Sea in front while the Egyptian Army at their backs. Sometimes, what looks like an entrapment is actually not. Heaven will not discuss their program with you not because they don’t want to discuss it with you but because of various circumstances surrounding us, we would not pay attention to God. So God just goes ahead regardless of what we think or like.

The children of Israel couldn’t grasp the full vision of where God was taking them to. Death from the Egyptian Army was not their end point. Learning from them, our first response is to return to God when we are faced with a hopeless situation. There has never been a way in the Red Sea but God made a way for the children of Israel. Do not let the testimonies of other people hinder you.

2 Chronicles 20:1-3; Romans 4:16-21

From the story of Jehoshaphat, we saw his initial reaction to an invasion. He was afraid. There’s nothing wrong in being afraid, but you should not dwell in that fear but rather seek the Lord. The story of the Bible is filled with men and women who faced hopeless situations, yet they triumphed. Faith does not negate the reality.

Faith does not say what you are going through does not exist. But faith imposes its own reality on that false reality and supersedes it. For example, Abraham’s case was pretty hopeless. There had been no testimony of a hundred years old man impregnating a ninety years old woman but Sarah bore a child at old age. Abraham was the progenitor of the faith walk.

Based on what is written, we should expect that many of Abraham’s children will face hopeless situations like his own if we must replicate his kind of faith. But how do you handle such situations? Your case might be hopeless too, but can you judge God faithful like Abraham did?

The Power of God does not move until you take a decision. What keeps God away is the heart of men towards him. One major Problem we have is trying to figure out how will help us out of our situations. God has no limitation; it is men that limit God.

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