Expanding your capacity in prophetic transactions with God

Pastor Dele Olubi

My emphasis on the “Prophetic” here is not about the office of the prophets, rather it is about our individual capacity to transact with God.

One of the means through which God reaches us with, is our thoughts. He could as well communicate to us through dreams and many other means. We should not despise any of them or rank any of them above the others, as the important thing is that God is transacting with us. Whatever the means at any time T.

God thinks in his will and in his purposes, and not according to our human thinkings. Unfortunately, when God speaks to us, we most times think only about ourselves, when actually they are meant to transcend us.

From the story of Joseph, he had two dreams. The former was about the bowing of 11 sheaves and the later was about the sun, the moon and eleven stars bowing to him. The first dream appears to be in the terrestrial realm while the second dream appears to be in the celestial realm.

We need to pay attention to prophetic dreams as they have a way of being perpetual (repeating itself over time) even after their fulfillments. Joseph’s first dream was the only one that was fulfilled in his lifetime, the second was not.

We should also note that not all prophetic messages have been stamped to come to pass. For instance, the interpretation of Daniel’s dream to Nebuchadnezzar lingered and did not come to pass until after twelfth month that Daniel declared it. After the twelfth month, Nebuchadnezzar lifted up his heart and boasted about his glory and this single action triggered the prophecy. In the case of Joseph, his brothers activated the dream by hating him and selling him to slavery.

It is very possible that prophetic messages do meet our immediate needs, but we should not think that it would always take that form.

As for Joseph’s second dream, the fulfillment happened in the life of Joshua. He led all the tribes of Israel and he was the only person that the Sun and Moon listened to. Joshua was not even from Judah, yet he typified the Messiah; he was from the descent of Joseph.

Genesis 48:22

A blessing was pronounced on Joseph being one who fought with the Amorites and won, but there was no previous records of Joseph fighting any war against the Amorites. It was actually Joshua that fought with the Amorites.

Genesis 49:22

Going back to the blessing of Joseph. God is not an idle being that does things anyhow. He has purpose for his actions. What God intends to do in your life is beyond you and transcends you.

Even healings, miracles and deliverances all have their purposes. When certain supernatural things happen in our lives, it is an invitation to certain spiritual essence, having eternal value. For instance, when Hannah came to God for a son and promised to return him back to God to serve Him, God responded to her because she understood purpose.

Let us deal with our carnality and we should not think about ourselves alone. The one thing that will keep us down there is our canal way of thinking. We should begin to make requests for God’s blessings that will transcend us. For instance, if God gives us a house, let people say “Glory to God”  that with this house many would be born again.

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