Pastor Thompson Ehima

We have been blessed already, but entrance into these blessings comes through spiritual understanding. When our heart sees or begins to perceive and our eyes are opened with understanding.

Scriptures says that the entrance of God’s word brings light and understanding. We should not just read God’s words, rather we should seek to understand them. The essence of spiritual understanding is to give us a step by step instruction for us to enter into our inheritances.

Psalm 132:9; Romans 10:10; Psalm 132:14
Undoubtedly, as believers, we are priests already in our Spirit. There is a priesthood we came into by believing. A priest is clothed with righteousness and salvation, we have been clothed with that too. Our Spirit is alive because of righteousness through the believing. Our Spirit has eternal life because of the inputted righteousness.

The Spirit of a new man has been clothed with a garment of Salvation and righteousness.

The essence of this meeting is how we can journey fully into this priesthood. Priesthood is much more about intercession. It is a part if the activities, it is a calling of all believers.

Anything in my Spirit that does not have any expression in my inner man, I cannot operate it. It means we must gain mastery. No one gains mastery without learning.

Hebrews 7:14
The Priesthood of Christ is in the similitude of the Priesthood of Melchisedek. Melchisedek was like unto the Son of God. Melchisedek was a man. I want to beleieve that he was after the order of the sons of God mentioned in Genesis 6

The Levitical priesthood was not a Kingly Priest, so Christ had to come through the tribe of Judah. A priesthood with government and dominion. To operate this kind of Priesthood, we need dominion over sin, and Christ has granted it to us.

But scriptures says that “as long as a heir is a child, he is to be under tutors”. Tutoring is that which will build out the new Testament Priesthood already in us.

Isaiah 9:1; 2 Corinthians 5:19
We are a priest with Christ in our spirits, but if there are differences with the reality of our souls, we need to reconcile it. The ministry of reconciliation is also the ministry of priesthood.

Jesus said that his kingdom is not of this world, so that we know already and not think otherwise.

Priests are not only recreated, they are made. In Genesis chapter 1, God created things, but in chapter 2, he made them. There is a need for the Soul to learn how to operate the priestly ministry, this is the essence of the making.

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