Communion and Intimacy

Minister: Pastor Bola Bello

The year 2020 took the whole world by storm and many of us did not see it coming. So, it is very important we start planning ahead for the year 2021. We have to begin paying serious attention to the fellowship and communion of the Holy Ghost. This is why Paul encourages that we should not forsake the communion of the Holy Ghost because there are many things in it to be enjoyed.

First, our communion is with God. Secondly, we come to fellowship with the brethren. It is both a vertical and horizontal encounter.

Act 2:42

We need to take note of the things that should be purged out of our lives. It is worthy of note that the Apostles continued steadfastly; there was no break in their fellowship or communion. They did it with all their minds and souls. So many of us today do not have communion with God; we are not consistent in fellowship.

Consistency is beyond being diligent with our praying time; it is about being responsive to the Spirit’s call to prayer, study or any other action at any point in time. The oracles of God cannot be committed into our hands if we are not steadfast.

Communion is about a community of believers coming together to pursue common goals in the Spirit. The Apostles fellowshipped with unity of purpose so as to know the mind of God. Their intentions were not at variance.

1 Corinthians 2:11

Communion makes us know the intentions and plans of God. It exposes timely information to us and delivers us from walking in ignorance.

John 3:8

The Spirit of God in us is like a wind which blows us in the right direction. This can only happen if we give ourselves to koinonia (fellowship) with Him.

2 Corinthians 13:14

We require that the grace and communion of God be with us everywhere we find ourselves. We cannot walk in darkness when we are in communion; this is why it is important to know and understand what communion is.


Act 2:44

The Church’s communion is about joint participation. This is achieved when everyone brings their gifts, talents and the very thing which God has bestowed on them to minister unto others. This is the way it should be in order to bring light and salvation to many people.

Ephesians 4:16

The things we own are for the edification of the Church, to encourage others. This joint participation is what we are called into in the household of God. This comes with rewards from God.

1 Corinthians 4:7

The Church’s communion is about joint sharing and intimacy. We share and show acts of love to all men, most importantly the brethren. It is important to understand that whatever is given to us is not for us alone; it is also for the benefit of the brethren.

God blesses us so we can bless others. If we choose to hide our gifts, they might be withdrawn from us or become dormant. We must learn to do things like the Apostles did. We must begin to re-orientate our minds so as to embrace the truth. If we desire to operate in signs and wonders, we must come into this intimacy freely sharing our ideas and resources with the brethren.

Communion or fellowship is only beneficial when it produces hearing, that is its whole essence. When our communion with God is not producing hearing, it means there is an unresolved issue. We do not have communion when our fellowship has not produced instructions or hearing from God. We cannot understand the works of God until we learn to fellowship with Him. If our fellowshipping does not produce results, our hearts can easily get discouraged and frustrated.

John 5:30

In communion, God’s gives us capacity and audacity to decree things into being. By our own selves we can do nothing.

1 John 1:3-6

There is joy in communing and fellowshipping with God. God is light and it is in fellowship with Him that we can know the way to go. Being children of God, we must be conscious of what God is doing and it is communion that unlocks it.

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