School of Diorthosis

School of Diorthosis

time 6:00 pm

Every Tuesday from

January 5, 2016


December 27, 2000

SermonThe word reformation is the Greek word “diorthosis”.It means straighten out thoroughly things that are hitherto become curve as a result of wrong use. Diorthosis is restoration of things to its natural normal condition and use. The nature of diorthosis is confrontational to the two realms. Those who orchestrated the pollution are the falling spirit. They would surely be offended. The agents of such spirit in the natural realm would also be offended. Diothosis comes with high level of spiritual boldness. It tears down religious idolatry, religious traditions and earthly mentality. Diorthosis reflects on God’s government on earth and man inheriting the eternal nature of God. It looks forward to a reformed Church where focus is on God and heavenly things alone.