Last week, we started our discussion on building a defence against treachery. We looked at the definitions of deception and some of its resultant effects. Knowledge of truth is a blessing but can also be the source of a problem. That is because the more you know, the more responsible you become. Knowledge not well handled can lead to condemnation.

If we are still subject to death, we are not walking in the fullness of the Spirit. The revelation by Christ in Luke 10:18 is a reality that will happen and the evidence should be seen in the life of believers. Because Adam transgressed, all kinds of evil entered the world. So as long as the evil of the world can still lay hold on us, then we have not come into the fullness of the Spirit.

Last week, we learnt that the devil deceives us to cause us to transgress and to make us vulnerable. One of the effects of this vulnerability according to Romans 5:12 is sin. Let us see other reasons for which the devil deceives us.

  1. He wants to introduce corruption, sin and death

Note that sin is not first about committing, it is first a nature. While Adam had not sinned, he still didn’t have the fullness of what God wanted to see in man. He was only a demo, the reality of what God wanted man to be is seen in Christ. God is building and demolishing at the same time. He is demolishing sin in us and causing us to advance in righteousness. When Satan deceives us, he wants us to become corrupt, taking on a nature that is not ours. Deception does not need to come big, it starts little. However, 1 John 5:18 reveals the futility of the power of Satan when a believer is able to keep himself.

  1. He wants to steal and take advantage of us

Satan’s dealing with Jesus in Luke 4:6 confirms how he defrauds us of what rightfully belongs to us using deception. He had defrauded Adam of the power over the earth and said he would give it to Jesus. However, Jesus was not interested in the power but authority. And that (authority) he collected when he died and resurrected.



  1. He wants us to lose our estate

There is a place the Lord has placed us. As seen in Genesis 2:23-24, the garden of Eden was the place of allocation for Adam but Satan through deception, made him lose it because Adam’s life had become contaminated with evil. Being in our allocated position is a challenge to Satan. Therefore, he moves us to do things against God’s will so that He will drive us out of the estate Himself. We saw this technology used against Israel again by Balaam (Numbers 25:1-18).

  1. He wants us disqualified and made unworthy

God will not bring us into some things until we are qualified. Satan is not just after our estate, he is also after our calling which we must make sure of as admonished in 2 Peter 1:10. Satan deceives us to take away our glory and destroy our calling. There is a level that we should enter but the devil wants us to be disqualified.

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