Authority of the Kingdom

Pastor Seyi Osamyinbi

Matthew 7: 29

One of the things that confer authority on a person is Knowledge. Knowledge is very important because it is the source of real authority. One thing was clear about Jesus: He had an accurate understanding of what he taught unlike the scribes and he had to teach them in order to bring them to the point of having authority. When we don’t know the kingdom and how it operates, we are ordinary. To be a man of authority you have to be a man of knowledge. Without knowledge of a matter, you cannot have authority over that matter. If you desire authority, then you must desire knowledge. Thus we have been admonished to study to show ourselves approved. 1 Kings 18: 36-38

Another criterion that confers authority upon a man is submission. It is important to know that no one is created by God to start from the top; we are all designed to start from somewhere below. Unfortunately, many in the church are lawless, people who are not submissive to anyone. If you are not under authority yourself, then you cannot wield spiritual authority (Matthew 6: 6 – 10). Anyone who is still self-opinionated is not fit for the kingdom. If you are not subject to anyone, then you certainly cannot be made to lead other people. Obedience may be unpleasant as you go through it but you must forebear. In obedience, we gain authority.

Mark 10: 35 – 45 Leaders are servants. Anyone aspiring to be a leader in the church must come with the mind to serve and not be known. Unless you can bear the responsibilities that come with being a leader, authority cannot be conferred on you.

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