Arise and shine

Minister: Pastor Seyi Osanyinbi

Romans 12:1,2

To renew our minds is coming into agreement with the workings of God. A time will come when circumstances will challenge our belief system to know if we truly believe or not. In those days, we will have no other choice than to believe so as not to perish.

1 Kings 17:9, Matthew 6:29

At several points, the Israelites didn’t pay attention to the dealings of God with them, that is probably why God used the widow of Zarephath to sustain Elijah during a famine. This same thing was repeated in the days of Elisha.

We should not be carried away with our professions and neglect the things of God just the way the Isrealites did.

We need to pay close attention to how God fed the birds of the air, this will help us to trust more in Him.

We must ask God for help, because the days ahead will be furious such that our hearts will really need to be helped.

Isaiah 60:1-2

We must be determined in our heart to arise. It has to be an intentional decision because situations around us will always tend to keep us down.

Darkness will always strive to keep us down but we must upgrade regularly so as not to remain down.

Our attitude or response to situations or challenges matters. We should not respond to challenges by shying away from them or denying them, instead we must confront them headlong.

To arise and shine, we can not conform to the system of the world. We cannot think the way they think.

1 Samuel 17:48

Just like David, we must be prepared for the days ahead.

We must learn and develop the skills of summoning help and supply from above.

When it is time for a lifting, God always brings problems no one can solve except his children just as He did in the cases of Isaac, Jacob, Joseph and Daniel.

The gross darkness we see is for the lifting of the Church but we have to be mentally and spiritually ready.

Darkness will reveal to the world how poor and helpless they are.

We cannot compete with the world on their turf. However, they cannot operate in the supernatural realm which is our natural habitat. When things go supernatural, the world will seek our help. We have the key and we must learn how to use it. A day of manifestation requires many years of preparation. The time is upon us, and we must arise.

The best way to deal with darkness is to arise and shine. If you are going to arise and shine, you cannot afford to conform. You have to make up your mind to stand out.

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