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We are living in an increasingly secular society, where love for self and motivation for gains have driven men against each others. The pertinent fact concerning godliness and righteousness has become mundane.  Men are establishing own righteousness and standard of godliness rather than the laid down standard.  The ever pure message of Christ from the beginning of time has been diluted thus, becoming impotent in content to bring salvation to the souls of men.  There is need for a paradigm change.  The motives and focus of Church must change.  Acts 3:21 talks about restitution which implies the restoration of things that is God’s to God.  “Whom heaven must receive until the times of restitution  of all thing which God hath spoken by the mouth of holy Prophets since the world began”.  This restitution cannot take place until reformation is done.  Reformation would engineer restitution.  The Lord is thrusting the Church to new things.The word reformation is the Greek word “diorthosis”.  It means straighten out thoroughly things that are hitherto become curve as a result of wrong use.  Diorthosis is restoration of things to its natural normal condition and use. The nature of diorthosis is confrontational to the two realms. Those who orchestrated the pollution are the falling spirit. They would surely be offended.  The agents of such spirit in the natural realm would also be offended.  Diorthosis comes with high level of spiritual boldness.  It tears down religious idolatry, religious traditions and earthly mentality. Diorthosis reflects on God’s government on earth and man inheriting the eternal nature of God.  It looks forward to a reformed Church where focus is on God and heavenly things alone.

Power and Glory tabernacle is a reforming center/ministry with a focus on the youth, the young and the old as the cutting edge for God to achieve His intention of man becoming like God. We are passionate about this goal and we run daily to apprehend it. Our annual Diorthosis programs holds on every November of the year, while Believers Submit and youth fellowships are designed to bring various gifts together for the building of the body. Again, outreach program of the Church is our consummate and burning desire to reach out to our brethren for the embrace of truth.  A new frontier of God’s army is being raised, with mentality of righteousness, godliness and attainment of eternal nature is achievable. You are welcome to the world of reformation where men are being re-configured and re-calibrated as purposeful soldiers of Christ.

God bless you

Pastor Oluwaseyi Osanyinbi The Senior Pastor.

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