Pastor Bola Bello

1 Peter 2:9

A believer is a peculiar person and his peculiarity talks about his distinction. We have read from many places in scriptures that we are different from the people of this world. Hence, the instruction to us to be separate from the world.

Deuteronomy 14:1-2; Exodus 19:4-5; Exodus 4:22-23; Psalm 74:3;

We have been declared as the treasure of God, hence, we are described as a peculiar people. The definition of the word “peculiar” is not in any way different from what the dictionary gives.

Egypt was a template of sin and Israel was God’s purchased possession out from Egypt. However, it was not enough for the children of Israel to just be purchased. They were expected to have realized that truth and to have lived it out.

Numbers 23:9-10; Esther 3:8;

There is a problem when men do not see God in us. No matter how scattered we are in the midst of the people of the world, it ought not to be too hard to differentiate us from amongst them. We cannot live like them.

it is important for us to know that the thing that made Israel different from others was the giving of the law. This law made them a peculiar people in comparison to other nations.

In the Old, God did not reveal himself to any nation as much as he did to the children of Israel. God was so much connected to Israel. They had with them the testimony of God and were expected to show forth the praises of God to other nations.

Deuteronomy 26:17-18

God made a vow to make us his peculiar people, but we need to walk in God’s ways before that vow can be made manifested.

Galatians 3:21-24; Romans 2:14

The moral law is a universal law written in the conscience of every man. Even as at the time Cain killed Abel, there was no written law against his actions, but he was aware that his act was wrong. The moral law was not what made the Israelites a peculiar people.

The Jews had a more severe punishment for breaking the Law than the Gentiles. No matter the height of the morals of a moralist, it cannot save him from hell.

By faith, the children of God walk in righteousness. It is not by our individual strength, rather by the help of God. The life of Christ in his children makes them die daily to the things of the world.

What are those things we need to die to? These are the things that make you peculiar, a treasured vessel is one who has been purchased without corruption.

1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Our peculiarity is not by your physical looks, rather it is Christ being formed in us.

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