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Welcome to Power & Glory Tabernacle

We are a kingdom people, set to take charge of every areas of life for God Kingdom. We strongly believe we are the Finishing Generation.

It’s my pleasure to welcome you to Power and Glory Tabernacle (PGT) aka the finishing generation. We are a church of growing people committed to finishing the will of God in our generation and not just attending church for its own sake but with the understanding of learning about the will of God and doing it.
We are building an apostolic centre where believers can be resourced and equipped to do ministry in such a refreshing way. Saints amply enjoy the liberty to grow and express their God given grace to edify the church and the body of Christ in general. In PGT, we encourage all the ministry gifts to find expression in order that the body of Christ can grow into the full statute of Christ.
Our inspiration is to depend on divinely fresh ways of exploring more of God’s riches through every saint. We encourage our members to allow God’s blessing flow through them and be channels of blessing, not only to our members but also to their neighbours. The 21st century has challenges which the church must tackle creatively and it’s our belief that leaders will be raised after a new order of Joshua having a servant heart to lead the next generation to the next level of this spiritual walk. It’s our commitment to therefore raise these types of leaders who are equipped to deal with such challenges because we know that ‘saviours are still being born in the mangers’.
At PGT, we seek in-depth understanding of the Personalities of the Godhead. We believe that this will ensure that we relate with them correctly to so that we can enjoy rich spiritual experiences. We want to get past the trap of religion into the reality of one-on-one experience with the Trinity.
Our fellowship is with the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit – to which we warmly invite you. Come and experience the soul-enriching graces of Christ in His holy tabernacle!

Oluwaseyi Osanyinbi
Senior Pastor

School of Diorthosis

September 17, 2019 6:00 pm

Diorthosis reflects on God’s government on earth and man inheriting the eternal nature of God. Join us every Tuesday to share the word.

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Whether you are a church member or new here, we hope you will find ways to get involved with the life of the church and consequently enrich your life as well as the lives of those around you.

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